How much do the DUI classes cost?

Level 2 Education is $25 per 2 hour session. Level 2 Therapy is $28 per 2 hour session. Call for Level 1 prices. Serenity is currently charging a $50 intake fee.

What effect will this DUI or DWAI have on my Colorado Driver's License and how do I get my drivers license back?

A DUI can affect a person's Colorado state driving privileges depending on an individuals driving record, BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) and prior drinking and driving offenses.  Please call (303) 205-5613 to find out the specific requirements and criteria needed for your license reinstatement.

Am I able to attend a class more than once a week?

The Division of Behavioral Health (Formerly Known as (ADAD) Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division) do not allow attendance of treatment exceeding one time per week in the Education and Therapy component.  Education must be completed in intervals of one 2 hour class per week (spanning no less than 12 weeks). Therapy may only be completed in intervals of one 2 hour session per week.  Any deviation from these rules must be authorized by the probation officer, treatment provider and Division of Behavioral Health Field Supervisor such as in cases that meet the specific criteria for intensive outpatient treatment.  


Am I able to attend classes here if my DUI case is from another state?

Please contact us to get more information on how to attend classes.