About Us

Serenity Education & Therapy is offering Level 2 Intoxicated Driver Education and
Therapy Classes. We provide strength-based, positive classes for the Denver, Colorado metro area and beyond.

For your convenience and safety, Serenity is seeing clients via Zoom instead of in-person classes. You can attend class with us using a Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop or Desktop Computer with attached camera.

If you or someone you know needs classes, has received a DUI or DWAI charge, or is pre-sentencing, give us a call. We have a great program and a friendly approach to counseling.

We don't treat you like a criminal!

Serenity is Licensed by the Colorado Department of Behavioral Health (CDBH) and all of our Counselors are Certified Addiction Specialists.

We inspire individuals to make good choices in life and teach drug and alcohol awareness. We hope to inspire our clients by our own right actions and life examples.

Contact us for class times and other questions or to schedule an intake. THANKS!

Please spread the word. (303) 984-0590