Our History

Established in 1996, Serenity started as a family business. A small Mom & Pop Counseling Shop and that’s what it is today, though we have a couple of well-qualified counselors helping us out with some groups.

I was asked to lead a Level 2 DUI group in the 80’s and I agreed (though I really wanted to work with individuals). I found myself liking it and the rest is history! I Do like working with groups and it’s second-nature to me now. I view my clients as individuals who are good people who’ve made a mistake.

Now, between counselor and client, what can we do to make sure the mistake is not re-created… nobody wants that in this business!

A satellite office was started in Conifer, Colorado in 2008 at the Mountain Resource Center.

Meet the Business Owner: Kevin B.

I was determined to get into counseling by the time I entered Greeley’s University of Northern Colorado. I guess it was a calling. I worked in a detox center for a summer job for $5 an hour. It was pretty intense sometimes for a suburban college kid, but I feel like the experience seasoned me.

I was later asked to lead a DUI therapy group for my mother who was counseling at that time as well. I liked the group experience more than I thought I would and now, over twenty years later, heading a group feels natural to me.

I feel like I found my sense of humor in front of my clients! I do believe in humor and know it’s necessary in this line of work. It helps us connect as human beings.