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Our Specialties

Alcohol Education & Drug Education, DUI Classes, DWAI Classes, Level I Education and Level II Alcohol Education, Level II Therapy, Substance Use Evaluations & Assessments as well as Relapse Prevention.

We are considered a DUI School. We are happy to see people with out of state offenses.

We work with clients who are pre-sentencing before their court date, as well as those that have received their sentence, or need classes only for the DMV.

For your convenience and safety, Serenity is seeing currently clients via Zoom instead of in-person classes. You can attend class with us using a Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop or desktop computer with attached camera.

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Education & Therapy

In addition to the offense outcome, penalties, and fines, the court may impose education, therapy or various combinations of both. Education and Therapy programs may be required by both the court and the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles.

Colorado has two levels of education and four levels of therapy. They differ in length, intensity and for whom they are intended.


What is Level I Education?

Level I Education consists of 12 hours of DUI education over a minimum 3-day period, not more than 4 hours can be conducted in one calendar day. Typically conducted in a Group or Class, Level I Education is only appropriate for someone who has had one impaired driving offense, and a low BAC. (.05 to .079)


What is Level II Education?

Level II Education consists of 24 hours of DUI education over 12 weeks. Typically conducted in a Group setting, class size is limited to not more than 12 regularly attending. Level II Education can be recommended by itself or may be followed by Level II Therapy.


What are Level II Therapy Groups?

When Level II Therapy is required, it typically follows Level II Education and can range in length from 5 to 10 months or more depending on assessed clinical severity indicators. Therapy is conducted on an outpatient basis in weekly two hour increments.

Colorado has 4 levels of Level II Therapy that consist of the following minimum hours & weeks:

  • Track A 42 hours over 21 weeks
  • Track B 52 hours over 26 weeks
  • Track C 68 hours over 34 weeks
  • Track D 86 hours over 43 weeks


Track recommendations for hours and levels of care are made by trained evaluators in the probation department, or in the absence of an evaluation, the DUI licensed treatment agency.

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